the beginning


after three years of school i’m finally ready to embark into this unsafe, hard and unbearable occupation called freelancing. that’s what i’ve been told anyways, but i don’t think that this lifestyle, as i call it, can be so bad and i’m really looking forward to it! as i write this, i don’t have any job or steady income of any sorts, but honestly, i can’t say it bothers me that much. not now anyways. i have a plan on where to go from now, but anything can change, so we’ll see where i end up. one thing is certain, i’m going to continue to work as a photojournalist, just because i believe that there are important and wonderful stories out there which is just waiting for a chance to get visualized by me and my camera!

in other news: if you been to my blog before, you probably have noticed that i don’t update that often, and to be honest, i don’t think i will be updating so frequently in the future either. in the beginning, my plan was to use my blog to “think out loud” around my thoughts and opinions about photojournalism, but i’ve found out that i rather want to discuss it with other people instead of preaching about it on a blog. so from now on i will most probably update when i’m working with projects or something like that, but i will try to get better on updating the picture section, which is just random pictures that i feel like publishing.

anyways. if there is anything you are wondering about, feel free to contact me at any time.

have a nice day!